Rancilio Silvia Reviews – Quality At-Home Gourmet Coffee Brewing at a Reasonable Price

In gathering our information for our Rancilio Silvia review we looked at how well this coffee brewing espresso machine works, how well it is constructed and how easy it is to use. Our Rancilio Silvia review also includes feedback and comments from individuals who have purchased the brewer and have use it for some time. Our review information revealed to us that the Silvia model by Rancilio is one of the best-selling at-home brewing systems available in its price range. Here is why:


Making the Perfect Gourmet Coffee

The Rancilio Silvia can instantly produce the most outstanding lattes, cappuccinos, espressos and other gourmet coffees with just a few simple pushes of a button. It produces incredibly hot water instantly, and can be set to froth or steam milk to create the perfect café style coffee. It is delivered with a complete instructional guide describing exactly how to make most any type of gourmet barista style coffee.


Conveniently Located Controls

All of the controls on the Rancilio Silvia are located on the unit. The brewing unit is on the left side gourmet coffee making machine. The user has complete control over the temperature of the water, and the type of beverage they are making. It has three separate switches for hot water.

The Rancilio Silvia is recognized to have one of the best steam production units in its price range. It has an adjustable steam wand, and easy access to the steam switch, making a cup of hot tea or Americano simple to perform.


Heavy-Duty Construction

Fabricated with a quality brewing group, this chrome plated brass unit is designed with commercial high-quality grade materials. Because it houses a large mass of metal, it easily distributes heat for greater consistent temperature stability. With its dispersion disc and shower screen, it distributes piping hot water evenly over all the coffee grounds for better, for a fuller aroma and flavor extraction.


Large Capacity Water Tank

The Rancilio Silvia has a large capacity water tank and a user-controlled adjustable brew pressure valve for extracting the ideal espresso or other intense coffee. It has an adjustable drip tray that has a modern look, and is easily removed for cleaning. It holds the cup warmer and as a place to store small espresso cups to keep them preheated.


Triple Control and Safety

Crafted with three separate thermostats, the unit can easily maintain the proper brewing temperature for making espresso. It has another temperature control to create the ideal steam, and the third one as a safety device. Should the unit ever overheat, the thermostat will automatically trip, turning off the heating element. Once the unit is cool, it is easy to reset the thermostat to start the brewing process again. This is a great feature typically thought of more expensive gourmet coffee machines.


Rancilio Silvia Reviews:

“This is a beautiful machine. The espresso I produce is superior, never sour or bitter, and I can easily make micro foam.” – M. M., Amazon.com

“This machine is the perfect blend of quality and durability of a coffee-making home machine. You cannot go wrong with the Silvia.” – Meg, Amazon.com


Our Rancilio Silvia Review shows that you just cannot go wrong purchasing this amazing at-home coffee brewing unit. We highly recommend it to any individual seeking a quality gourmet coffee machine for their home. We suggest that you buy Rancilio Silvia directly from the company’s official supplier.

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